Golden globe race sailor Ian navigating before race start

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Golden globe race sailor ian herbert jones

Sixteen sailors crossed the start line of the 2022 Golden Globe Race last Sunday from Les Sables d’Olonne. 

We wish Ian Herbert Jones and the rest of the GGR competitors fair winds for this non-stop solo circumnavigation of the planet

Although modern tech is not allowed in this race Ian used savvy navvy during training to cross-check his traditional navigation. Having followed his journey it was a pleasure to finally see Ian cross the start line...

The 2022 Golden Globe Race is very simple: Depart from Les Sables-d’Olonne, France on September 4th, 2022 and sail solo, non-stop around the world, via the five Great Capes and return to Les Sables-d’Olonne.

Competitors must sail in production boats between 32 ft. and 36 ft. overall (9.75 – 10.97m) designed prior to 1988 that have a full-length keel with a rudder attached to their trailing edge. These yachts are heavily built, strong and sturdy, similar in concept to Sir Robin’s 32 ft. vessel Suhaili.

Follow Ian on his website and or click here to follow the race.

savvy navvy nominated for the people's choice awards

We’re Nominated for the People’s Choice Awards

We've been nominated for the Barclays People's Choice Awards! If you love our savvy crew please click the link below to drop us a vote! 🙏🏻

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The new electric Riva in Monaco

Riva goes electric and She’s a Beauty!

Spotted. Iconic Italian boatbuilder Riva has been showing off the prototype of their first fully electric runabout in Monaco. I have to say, it’s stunning.

The El-Iseo is the electric version of the much-loved Iseo, the versatile 27 ft. runabout whose sophisticated spirit lives on in the hull, deck, style and colours of the new boat.

Take a look here.

A variety of boat propellers

It’s Propeller Comparison…

With fuel prices rising it’s not surprising many boaters are looking to optimise efficiencies wherever possible. So, have you considered swapping your propeller to boost performance?

This handy article reviews the pros and cons of three prop variations - aluminium, stainless steel and composite.

Read more here.

sailing indiana

Have you Heard of Sailing Indiana?

We're excited to see Lauren & Chris from Sailing Indiana using savvy navvy to plan their adventures!

Lauren and Chris are a couple from the UK with a dream of breaking away from London city life to one day live at sea. Their videos document how they bought their sailboat, a 1989 Gib'Sea 372, and all the boat jobs and maintenance they are now undertaking to get her ready to sail. 

See how they're using savvy navvy or just follow their channel to catch up on all the adventures!

Watch here. 

starlink for boats

May the Stars Align for Your Boat WiFi - Hello Starlink

If, like many people you're considering becoming a liveaboard like Lauren and Chris, you may have asked yourself, what about the WiFi? If you plan to run a business whilst living onboard that’s rather essential.

I too am curious and have had my eye on Starlink for some time. They’re slowly rolling out land-based coverage worldwide and recently created a “Van” edition. And so we wait patiently for the boat version.

Well, one Starlink customer didn't wait around, in fact, they recently strapped their Starlink equipment to a yacht and sailed around the Greek islands for a week to test how the service fared at sea. How did it do?

Take a look here.

A shelf cloud over a lighthouse before a storm

Stunning Shelf Cloud Captured Just Before Storm Hit

Do you know your different types of cloud? I'll be honest I don't, but this was such a stunning picture we just had to share it!

"A shelf cloud is a type of arcus cloud. They form on the leading edge of thunderstorms. Cool, sinking air from a storm cloud's downdraught spreads out across the land surface, with the leading edge called a gust front."

For more cloudy info take a look here.

Southampton Boat Show - Spot the Savvy Crew

We don’t have a booth but our team will be descending on Southampton Boat Show in a few weeks' time. If you spot one of us come and say hi, or better yet, take a selfie with us and send it in to, we’d love to see you!

We’re looking forward to catching up with some of our partners and collaborators at the show, including GJW Direct and Kraken Travel!

Click here to get your tickets.

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