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Flying boats, silent jet skis and expeditions in the savvy news

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Lets kick off this week with a story about two guys who decided it would be fun to dismantle a neglected Kawasaki Jet Ski engine and rework it until it was compact and powerful enough to fit into an impressively light 254 pound (115 kilogram) micro Jet Boat.

Say Hello to the 100-HP Micro Jet Boat 

Suffice to say this is not, and probably never will be commercially viable, but the video was entertaining all the same.

Watch it here. 

Polestar to Supply Batteries for Flying Electric Boat Company Candela

Photo credit: Candela

They refer to these electric watercraft as, “racing car meets flying carpet”. Check out their website and you can quickly see why. These sleek looking boats glide above, rather than punch through, waves. And thanks to their hydrofoils they leave almost no wake. 

Now EV maker, Polestar, has signed a multi-year deal to supply the batteries that power these electric flying boats. I’m sure this is just one step in a range of exciting future collaborations between these futuristic companies. 

Polstar Batteries for flying boat

2022 Taiga Orca Carbon: A Jet Ski for the Quiet Type

Are you a jet ski lover? Opinions can often be varied. Some people totally love the thrill-seeking speed and joy you get from zooming around on a jet ski, whilst others might complain about the noise and pollution associated with them.

So what if someone came up with a jet ski that had all the fun characteristics of the super fun toy it’s supposed to be and combined it with a silent engine and significantly less impact on the environment?

That’s exactly what the 2022 Taiga Orca Carbon is setting out to do!

Let’s take a look.

Oh and if you’re a jet ski fan don’t forget savvy navvy lets you track and record your routes, check the weather, tides and even share routes with friends. Check it out here.

10 of the World’s Coolest Boating Experiences for Travelers

As water covers more than 70% of the earth’s surface it seems to be not just a good idea, but an essential one, that water-based expeditions form a part of your wanderlust travel plans. 

One of my favourite sayings goes along the lines of, “It’s not about the destination but the journey that takes you there”, with boating this couldn’t be more true!

That’s why this week's newsletter shares Forbes's recently released list of their top 10 boating experiences travellers simply must do!

Here they are.

10 of the Best Sailing Holidays in Europe

Photo credit: Sedir island, Gokova Bay. Photograph: Alamy

Would you like to cruise the wilds of Scotland? Or perhaps take an island-hopping foodie tour around Croatian islands? Here The Guardian shares their top trips for beginner sailors and/or those happy to just relax and unwind on deck.

Let’s go…

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