Cool SUP documentaries, snow kayakers and famous restorations in the savvy news...

Cool SUP documentaries, snow kayakers and famous restorations in the savvy news...

Hey savvy friends,

You may or may not have noticed but we’ve added some pretty exciting new additions to the savvy app, including a setting specifically for paddleboarders!

So it seems rather apt we start this week's stories with this…

New Documentary - Circumnavigation

The story of The Long Paddle | An Adventure SUP Documentary.

A man paddle boarding at sunset

Remember Brendon? The stand-up paddleboard adventurer embarked on a never before completed challenge to circumnavigate mainland Britain? Well, his story is so awe-inspiringly cool that there is now going to be a documentary about this epic journey of grit and endurance.

We were delighted to see Brendan using savvy navvy as one of his tools when circumnavigating the UK.

Paddle Boarding Documentary - and we now support paddleboard navigation

Watch the trailer here.

We’re featured on Product Hunt

A motorboat speeding into the horizon

This cool platform surfaces the best new products, every day. It's a place for product-loving enthusiasts to share information about the latest mobile apps, websites, hardware projects, and tech creations.

You can even vote for your favourites! So if you fancy geeking out, have a browse of the latest hot new tech creations hitting the market.

Take a look here.

Ever Been Snow Kayaking?

A person sledding down a ski slope in a kayak

We might just about be able to see spring on the horizon and those glorious days on the water that will be getting longer and longer, but for many, the snowy season is well and truly still in force.

If you’re a kayak lover then you may enjoy Crystal Mountain’s spring special events which include cardboard sledge races, snow kayaking, slush cups. Now that’s a different use for your kayak in the winter!

Check out the events here.

Savvy Navvy for Your Kayak

kayaking in crystal blue water

savvy navvy now caters to kayakers! Simply hop into your app settings and select kayak and savvy navvy adjust the algorithm to suit your needs. savvy navvy kayak gps app

Try Kayak mode here.

Clarionet: famous yacht meticulously restored

Classic yacht racing

Have you heard of Clarionet? At just 36ft 9 inches, the Sparkman and Stephens sloop Clarionet is an unassuming yacht, often dwarfed by larger competitors on the classic racing circuit. Yet Clarionet helped change the course of yacht design and influenced the shape of most boats since the 1960s.

Find out why her owner decided to undertake the task of returning this beauty to her former glory.

Read the full story here.

Calculate your course to steer in your head

Or let savvy navvy do it for you…

A chart plotter and a chart for marine navigation

Some of us love numbers, others not so much, but whether you’re a mathematics pro or not this useful article by Yachting Monthly can help you to calculate your CTS in your head.

And if you’re not sure you’ve got it right, quickly check savvy navvy and we’ll calculate it automatically for you for a cross-check!

Learn more here.

Until next time...

Hannah and the savvy navvy crew.

P.S. don't forget we now have settings for Jet Ski's too, have a play in the app, we'd love to know what you think!

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