Circus sailors, solar panels and teeeny tiny boats in the savvy navvy news

Circus sailors, solar panels and teeeny tiny boats in the savvy navvy news

Hey savvy friends,

I thought it best to simply start this week by saying…

Well, that happened…

Our Founder Jelte recently won the Great British Scale-Up Entrepreneur of the Year award!

"This year’s most exceptional UK business leaders have been named at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards 2022 Grand Final."- Great British Entrepreneur Awards

It's been quite the journey building savvy navvy and we're certainly not done yet! Thank you to the GBA Awards for recognising our mission to make boating safe and fun for everyone!

View all the winners here: 

savvy navvy founder wins great british entrepreneur award 2022

Comprehensive Marina Details and User Reviews Just Went up a Notch

We recently teamed up with Waterway Guide to give our US members an enhanced user experience by integrating comprehensive marina details and user reviews into the savvy app! If you’re not from the USA, don’t feel too left out we’re working on adding even more detailed marina and review data globally!

Get the full details here.

boating app showing marina information

Let's Talk Solar Panels: 6 Options for Boosting Your Yacht’s Power

Imagine this - free power with zero running costs. The idea is like a dream but is it really possible in reality and, even more important, is it worth the effort and financial investment? 

This handy article from Yachting Monthly delves into some great options for boosting your power onboard. 

We may not be able to make the decision for you but we can definitely give you the info!

Take a look here.

solar panels on a boat

Fragile, Delicate, Free: Glimpses of Circus Life, at Sea

What happens when you get a photographer to join a bunch of circus performers on a cruise through the Mediterranean? Well, a lot of entertainment of course - and some rather cool photos!

Discover the wonder that is the Sea Clown Sailing Circus here.

sailing circus

AkzoNobel Sets Leisure Boating on New Course with more Sustainable B-Free Range

We’re all looking for ways to take care of our beloved big blue and now, thanks to the team at AkzoNobel there’s one more option to choose from. Recreational boaters can now opt to use a new biocide-free (B-Free) fouling control range from the companies yacht coatings business.

“Boaters are becoming more aware of the impact they can have on the environment, but they still require technologies that deliver high-performance fouling control. B-Free Explore provides a standout solution for both of these challenges.”


motorboat under way

Discover The Bonkers World of Microyacht Adventures

What’s the smallest boat you’ve ever been on? Or better yet what’s the smallest boat you would be willing to cross an ocean on? I dare say most people would not venture to cross large oceans let alone a lake in this “pram-style” design.

So the question is why would you want to cross an ocean, or even circumnavigate in something as small as the Baluchon a 13ft 1in (4 m long) boat with one simple sail and a stubby, blunt-nosed hull?

Elaine Bunting finds out…

Read more here.

micro yacht adventures

Until next time...

Thanks for joining us for this week's edition of the savvy news, I hope it entertained you and scratched that mid-week boaty itch...

We love to hear from our members, so if you're up to something fun and exciting, please share your stories with us!

Fair winds...

Good luck everyone!

Hannah and the savvy navvy crew

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