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Watery adventures take hold this week in the savvy news

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I must apologise in advance. If you’re looking for an excuse not to take that next great adventure then this newsletter is probably not something you should read. 

This week we’re feeling the itch… so let’s get scratching.

In the Wake of Vikings; Sailing Nova Scotia, Greenland, Iceland and Norway

Follow this tale of a northern track westbound across the Atlantic that elicits parallels to the adventures of early voyagers.

Where the crew feast on lobsters from local fishermen and dice into ice-cold water for an invigorating swim, simply to celebrate landfall. 

“I had a deep respect for the men and women who sailed from Greenland in a low-slung boat, probably less than 60 feet long, with a single square sail and only their natural instincts to guide them.”

Brrr…grab a hot water bottle and read more here.

Say Hello to the Cornish Hut that Gave Rise to the Sea Level Benchmark

Okay, we hear you, it’s not much to look at in terms of jaw-dropping splendour however this battered seaside concrete hut on the end of South Pier in Cornwall is celebrating an important anniversary.

It was measurements made in the hut, and completed on 30 April 1921, that established mean sea level. And it's this surface, known as Ordnance Datum Newlyn (ODN), that became the reference against which all other elevations were compared.

Now do you fancy a closer look?

Read more here.

Cruise the British Virgin Island Like a Local

As a BVI kid, this one was a joy to put together. I recently shared our BVI cruising itinerary with Globe Sailor, complete with links to routing and local must-see tips!

Grab your snorkel!

View the itinerary here.

How to Plan a Boating Trip Around the Balearic Islands

With over 745 miles of coastline, the sun-kissed archipelago off the eastern coast of Spain is one of Europe’s premier boating destinations for beginners or seasoned seafarers. So if you’re considering going, where should you start? Which are the best ports to visit and when’s the best time to go?

This great feature from National Geographic takes a deep dive.

Read more.

Sailing From Massachusetts to Panama with just two stops

Follow the journey of Tom and Harriet Linskey who left their home port of New Bedford, Massachusetts to sail to Bermuda and then on to Puerto Rico, the Panama Canal, the Galapagos, French Polynesia, the Cook Islands, the Kingdom of Tonga, and Fiji.

They arrived in New Zealand a year later after travelling 10,300 nautical miles, mostly ­downwind in the northeast and southeast trade winds. 

Ocean, their Dolphin 460 cat, had ­recently undergone an extensive refit and was up to the task. So, off they went.

Read the full story here.

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