Smart boat monitoring systems, flying boats that defy gravity and happy crabbing in the savvy news!

Smart boat monitoring systems, flying boats that defy gravity and happy crabbing in the savvy news!

Hey friends,

How’s it going this weekend? Have any of you managed to get out on the water?

I don’t know about you guys but during the week when we’re all back at work, it can sometimes be a bit stressful - especially if there's bad weather - wondering whether your boat is still sitting happily at it's mooring.

In addition, there’s nothing worse than finally hitting the weekend, racing down to your boat and then realising there’s something wrong, a dead battery or a myriad of other issues that spoil your well earned day out.

So you might be happy to hear that we’ve partnered with an awesome company called Sailsense.

What is Sailsense?

Sailsense lets you monitor all your boat systems no matter whether you are onboard or onshore. The app allows you to instantly monitor your:

  • Boat location
  • Engine
  • Shore power
  • Navigation instruments
  • Fuel and water tanks
  • Anchor
  • Bilge pumps and battery

From anywhere! As well as monitoring you also get maintenance task reminders.

The Sailsense hub connects to your boat and comes with an embedded SIM, that helps you stay connected in most parts of the world.

savvy navvy members get 20% discount off Sailsense

savvy navvy members now get 20% off Sailsense hubs as well as their first years monitoring package.

Just type in SailSense20 at checkout to claim your discount.

Learn to read the wind

Learn to read the wind

How often have you been sailing with a super annoying person who’s always shouting “BREEZE ON in One, Two…. two and a half… oh wait….” and then they never really call it right?

Well, where there is wind, there is speed! So the goal of a good wind spotter is to look for the clues on the water and call them properly. In this article we explore how to:

  • See the wind
  • Find the best wind
  • Anticipate puff direction

Take a look here.

The magnificent sailing vessel that's also an aeroplane!

Is it a bird, is it a plan, is it a yacht? Yes it is a flying yacht

Is it a boat, bird or plane or all of the above?! Who knows but when you look at this radical new concept by designer Yelken Octuri you really think that two forms of transport that should never be mixed really did just have a baby!

In “Boat” mode, the 152-foot length and 89-foot beam provide enough interior space to serve as a 10-person Motoryacht, while in “Airplane” mode, the 297-foot wingspan and four engines deliver enough lift and propulsion for a theoretical top speed of 210.5 knots, or 242 mph.

An aircraft designer by trade, Octuri came up with the Flying Yacht concept after researching gargantuan 1940s aircraft like Howard Hughes’ H-4 Hercules.

So is this a crazy concept or as Howard Hughes would say, “The way of the future?”.

Crabbing season is open!

Crab season is here

Who out there likes to crab? We know a few and it’s pretty cool that America’s Boating Club of Deception Pass hosted free seminars about catching Dungeness crab prior to the season opener.

Granted these seminars are now over, sorry we should have sent this article to you sooner, but the photos are so cool we just had to share it for all you crab lovers out there! Get your East Coast Maps and Charts from savvy navvy

Threat or trading partner?

cave painting - sailing boat

Sailing vessels in northwestern Arnhem Land rock art reveal different attitudes to visitors.

The rock art of northwestern Arnhem Land is world-renowned and represents one of the world’s most enduring artistic cultures. Rock art is a continuing tradition. It includes images of “outsiders”: people and objects brought to Australian shores by Macassans from southeast Asia and, later, by Europeans.

Recent research shows artists depicted early trading sailing vessels less often and differently to European ships — suggesting they viewed these encounters with other cultures in contrasting ways.

Save and share your routes with friends and family

save and share routes with savvy navvy

We’ve been asked by many of our members to integrate the ability to save and share savvy navvy routes and we’re delighted to announce that this feature is now live across the app not just in the solent!

Have a great weekend everyone! Until next time...

Hannah and the savvy navvy crew.

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