Saving boating traditions, epic snorkel gear and ocean explorers in the savvy news...

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It’s mid-week and that means it's time to start thinking about those boaty, boat adventures for the weekend! To get the ideas flowing here’s a summary of this week's savvy news:

  • Saving boating traditions in Iraq
  • Choosing the best snorkel gear for underwater vision
  • Seagrass protection milestones
  • Safety tips for Anglers
  • The best boating holidays in Europe

Let’s get started…

Iraqi artist battles to save boating tradition

Meshhouf is a traditional boat made of woven reeds, which resembles a wicker basket that spans more than 2 metres.

Young Iraqis row a flotilla of traditional wooden boats down the Tigris River in Baghdad, celebrating an ancient nautical heritage in the now drought-stricken country. 

Meet Salim, at 62, he is a painter, sculptor and eco-artist with a taste for adventure who in his youth joined famed Norwegian explorer Thor Heyerdahl on a long sea voyage in a traditional Iraqi reed vessel.

Five years ago, Salim set out to find Iraq’s last meshhouf makers on a mission to keep this beloved boating tradition alive.

Read the full story here.

Get better visibility underwater 🤿

Tired of diving below that great big blue just to spend the entire time staring at the fog or water filling up your mask? I hear you! That’s why this week we turn to Yachting World’s Sian Lewis who picks out the best snorkelling set for underwater explorers...

Take a look here.

Explore the world on a vintage steel sailboat 

Meet William and Iana, previously a Dentist and Engineer, this ocean-loving pair gave up their day jobs to chase their dream of ocean exploration. They’re on a mission to see the world and savvy navvy’s helping to get them there.

Watch the series here.

Major contributors come forward to enhance global seagrass protection 

🌱It's a BIG day for our collaborative #ProtectOurBeds global seagrass conservation campaign. Today we announced that the Channel Islands are on board!

The Bailiwick Eelgrass Exploration Project (BEEP) partners in Guernsey and Alderney and the Government of Jersey have become one of the first contributors to the Protect Our Beds campaign showcasing Channel Islands Eelgrass beds digitally through the savvy navvy app.

Read the full story here.

Ocean Peak: working to reintegrate disadvantaged young people through boating

Have you heard of Ocean Peak? This amazing association offers young people from the ASE and PJJ programs breakaway stays aboard sailing boats, enabling them to discover boating and mobilise in a space adventure. 

Every year, Ocean Peak organizes three breakaway stays at sea and one in the mountains, for teenagers aged between 14 and 17. In 5 years, almost a hundred young people have already been able to go out to sea with the association, for two-week stays.

Discover more here.

Safety tips for Anglers

Do you love angling? So do many millions of people around the world. Whilst it can be difficult to predict your next catch it can be equally difficult to predict the sea. That’s why our friends at the RNLI created this dedicated page for angling and fishing safety.

Have fun out there friends, and stay safe. Read more here.

The 10 best boating holidays in Europe

Are you considering a boating holiday in Europe this year? It can be a little daunting to decide where to start looking, so I thought this article might trigger some good ideas!

Whether you’re looking for a foodie tour of Croatia, seeking out the freshest of seafood in Scotland or diving into crystal blue snorkel spots in Turkey. This article is sure to get your wanderlust ideas spinning!

Let’s get planning.

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