Winter Sailing in Lymington

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Happy new year friends,

How was your festive season?

If you’re one of our many members currently living in frosty ❄️countries, did you get brave enough to go boating despite the ice, frostbite-inducing wind chill and perilously slippery decks?

Frosty winter sailing

Our savvy team member Chris did exactly that and I’ve gotta say - other than the chill, it looked like a stunning day for a friendly race!

We’re Crowdfunding Soon!

a crowd of people promoting crowdfunding on seedrs with savvy navvy

First thing’s first: our legal team was adamant I should point out that you shouldn’t invest unless you're prepared to lose all the money you invest… 

Why am I talking about investing? Well, because we all like to start a new year with a bang, so that’s exactly what we’re doing - by giving you the opportunity to become an investor in savvy navvy and join the 1,800 other investors who are helping shape the future of the boating industry. 

What’s crowdfunding we hear you say?

Good question…

In the good 'ol days, if you wanted to invest in a company you would have needed a huge amount of cash and a willing financial wizard at your side. But crowdfunding changed all that. 

Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a venture by raising money from a large number of people who each contribute what they can in return for a share in the company. And that’s basically it!

That's why savvy navvy is proud to be:

  • Designed for boaters
  • Built by boaters
  • Owned by boaters

We’ve now opened our pre-registration page where you can sign up to stay informed and get priority information about the funding round. 

Pre-regestering doesn’t commit you to anything. There's absolutely no obligation on your part, it just makes sure we can keep everyone updated on our progress and when the time comes, you’ll get priority access.

Get Priority Acess

Was This the Most Extreme Adventure of 2022?

A man kayaking the pacific ocean

We’ve all heard of people doing extraordinary adventures in rowing boats. Most notably the Atlantic Challenges campaign to row the Atlantic to Antigua. A feat that I can only admire the competitors for their grit, determination and willingness to basically sit in a tiny space and get washed around like a pinball.

But then there’s Cyril Derreumaux, who decided to take the even rarer path of kayaking alone across the Pacific from California to Hawaii.

This epic feat of endurance took him 91 days, oh, and he did it solo!

Could you be stuck alone with yourself for 91 days in a pitching and rolling, cramped environment whilst doing the biggest workout of your life?

Take a look here.

Side note: savvy navvy is ideal for kayakers and rowers, namely for planning your route, checking the weather and tide as well as tracking your GPS location. Having said that we’re talking to more normal kayakers who stick to the shoreline rather than travel across the Pacific 😂

An Honest Review from Sailing Indiana

sailing indiana savvy navvy review

You may have heard that we think our app is pretty great. But it never means that much when you say it yourself. So we thought it might be better to see what sailors Lauren and Chris had to say. Lauren and Chris gave up their city life to chase their dream of living aboard their boat.

In this episode, they sail from Brighton to Falmouth with savvy navvy and share the good and the bad along the way.

Get the popcorn ready - let’s watch.

There’s nothing quite like a reunion…

two men standing on a sailboat

Former Clipper Round the World Yacht Race skipper, Pete Stirling, recently met up with our Founder Jelte to chat about their time spent on the race onboard their yacht ‘Jamaica Get Alright’ where Jelte was the Assistant Watch Leader on the in the 2013/14 edition of the race.

Pete recalled a conversation during the race when he told Jelte that he should create the next big app for smartphones and tablets for marine navigation. Jelte agreed there hould be a better way to utilise technology on boats, but that it would be very challenging to pull everything needed together into a “must-have” download. Well, that was many years ago now and look how far we’ve come! 😂

Pete has since moved on from yacht racing to form PSA Prime Marine, a yacht management and maintenance company. So it also came in pretty handy for Jelte to get some much needed advice on the nagging maintenance issues on his beloved boat, an ‘89 Southerly 115, called ‘Snow Frog’ (named by Jelte’s son). 

For boat advice, maintenance and more visit PSA Prime Marine here.

Is This the Worlds Most Exclusive Boat?

A fancy motorboat on the water

Take the J Craft RS Torpedo for a Test Drive

Is it the richly curved mahogany of the transom, the leather-lined cockpit, the classically flared foredeck or the embedded story behind this boat that makes it so jaw-droppingly, head stunningly attractive?

If you’re looking for something totally unique, this could be the poster boat of your dreams. Here, Alex Smith takes the J Craft RS Torpedo for a test drive.

Get the details here.

Have Kids Went Sailing - Tips from Global Cruising Parents

two kids on a boat

"We had kids then went sailing" - well that’s not something you hear very often.

If like many people you want to live your boaty life to the fullest whilst enjoying precious time with your family, then these tips gathered around the world from parents who are cruising, daysailing or simply making way on sailboats with kids might be handy!

Get savvy when sailing with your kids here.

Until next time…

Thanks for joining me for this weeks edition of the savvy news. Remember we love to hear from our members so please do send me your photos, videos and stories, it’s great to see what boaty boat adventures you’re getting up to!

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