Sailing hens, winter boating holidays and electric motors in the savvy news

Sailing hens, winter boating holidays and electric motors in the savvy news

Hey everyone,

Who is your favourite boating companion?

Is it your spouse or perhaps your brother, mother or possibly even your best friend?

What about a hen? No, I haven’t missed my second cup of coffee this is a genuine question! And with that, I start our super fun opening story about French solo skipper Guirec Soudée’s 5 years around the world voyage with Monique the sailing hen.

Meet the Hen that Sailed Around the World

Sadly Monique has now died at the age of 9. As arguably one of the most well-travelled hens in the world, Yachting World’s Helen Fretter decided to take a look back at the incredible life of Guirec’s feathered friend. 

Read the full story here.

“savvy navvy is already being hailed a lifesaver”

We’re super excited to be featured on 7 News Australia where volunteer coast guard member Aidan Burke gave us an 8 out of 10.

Watch the exclusive here.

Crossing the Atlantic is a 40 ft. Motorboat

Photo credit: Florence Guglielmetti and Adelaide Bernard

In 2014 a stroke left Philippe Guglielmetti wheelchair-bound, but he refused to abandon his dream of crossing the Atlantic on his own boat. This is the story of incredible resilience, battling against the odds and unapologetically going after your dreams, no matter what people say.

“It was feasible, I knew I could do it, I just needed the right boat and the right people to help me. Of course, many people advised against it but like anything in life, if you overthink it, you’ll find reasons not to do it.”

A must-read. Here’s the link.

Could you Transform a Sea Angler into a Canal Boat?

That’s exactly what Paul and Sally Weston did when they converted their Mitchell 31 Sea Angler into a canal motorboat that would enable them to cruise the French coast the canals. 

Find out why Sally and Paul swapped their plans of buying a sailboat to do the Atlantic circuit for a Sea Angler conversion.

Here’s the full story.

25 of the Best boating Holidays in Europe

Boating holidays open up endless opportunities to explore locations not accessible by foot or vehicle. This means you may find yourself in some truly secluded and jaw-droppingly stunning environments not yet hindered by others. 

In this article, The Times explores Cornish romance, Alsatian tranquillity, the boating playground of South Montenegro the Cyclades, Dalmatia and much, much more…

Get your dose of wanderlust inspiration here!

20 Electric Motorboats you’re Sure to Love

It’s a fact that the move to electric mobility solutions is all around us. You might be pretty used to seeing electric cars and bikes by now, but what about electric motorboats?

If you have some of the common questions when it comes to making the switch to electric when it comes to boating then it’s worth taking a look at these highly recommended models that are making a splash on the boating circuit. 

View here.

5 of the Winter Sun Sailing Destinations by National Geographic

For many of us, winter might bring grey skies, snow and frosty, ice-covered decks. But it’s worth remembering that whilst some countries are battening down the hatches, others are seeing the peak of their “winter” sailing seasons. 

Stunning locations such as Grenada, the Seychelles and Belize all offer crystal blue waters and stunning sunny days in some of the best boating locations for winter escapes. 

Sound tempting?

Plan your trip here.

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