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Hey friends,

Who’s getting out on the water this weekend?

I’m currently checking my savvy weather forecast and it’s looking like a light wind, motorboat kinda weekend over here. Wherever you are I hope the conditions are what you're looking for.

Question: Did any of you spot we released a cool new podcast?

The Boating Life: a Podcast from savvy navvy

Our all NEW Podcast, "The Boating Life" is now LIVE!

Our all NEW Podcast, "The Boating Life" is now LIVE!

“When I bought my first boat it was up on the hard. I bought it from a brokerage and it might sound crazy, but I didn't actually get a proper survey done.”

Tune in to Episode 1 here

Adam and Lauren share their highs and lows, the silly mistakes and the adventurous wins of getting into sailing and buying their first boat as novice sailors.

We hope these stories will help educate other people looking to get into sailing for the first time, perhaps those buying their first boat or considering sailing into the horizon with their dog.

Grab a cold one, pop your feet up, tune in and enjoy!

Meet the hard-drinking playboys who made transatlantic sailing history

Meet the hard-drinking playboys who made transatlantic sailing history

According to this article (I know don’t believe everything you read) apparently the first transatlantic yacht race resulted from a bet between three debauchery-loving playboys.

As the story goes, the outcome changed the sport of sailing forever, and cost the six men their lives in the process!

If you like a good scandal, read more here.

Fancy sailing single handed to Bermuda?

fancy 600 miles solo sailing to Bermuda? Sam Holmes

That's exactly what Sam Holmes did over 600 miles during 6 days in a 28 ft. boat, and the best part is, he documented his trip, so you can go along for the ride too.

Watch here.

Strange games at a strange time

strange start to olympic sailing

In just twelve days' time the sailing competition will be under way at Tokyo 2020. While it's a year late, it feels like the build-up has crept under the radar, overshadowed by the football in Europe, the tennis at Wimbledon, and the Japanese reluctantly accepting that the Games must go ahead.

Preparing for Tokyo 2020 is a story of disruption. With all the training and dedication that goes behind an Olympic campaign, it can be tough to pick a favourite to win. Then throw in a year's delay and a pandemic and we really are getting stuck to guess who might come out on top.

Read the full story here.

A $10,000 physics wager settles the debate on sailing downwind faster than the wind...

can you sail downwind faster than the wind?

Have you seen the video of Rick Cavallaro’s Blackbird, the controversial wind-powered land vehicle that can outrun the wind?

The video has led to a high-profile $10,000 wager between Derek Muller and Alex Kusenko, a professor of physics from UCLA.

Spoiler alert, Derek won the wager with the help of a scale model and the winnings are going to be used to fund more STEM education videos!

Read the full story here.

10 Amazing places to go boating in Michigan

Many people might not realise this but boating is one of Michigan's greatest pastimes to enjoy in the summer.

When it comes to getting out on the lake you don't have to search very far to find a great spot to go to.

View the list.

Construction on Neoline’s 1st sailing cargo ship to start this summer

Neoline’s 1st sailing cargo ship

Neoline, a French shipowner offering carbon-free shipping services, has signed a letter of intent (LOI) with compatriot company Neopolia Mobility for the construction of Neoline’s first 136-meter sailing cargo ship.

This is gonna be a big one! Read more here.

The Kin of Cape Cod Shipbuilding

Goodwin family Boat builders cape cod

It's a family business kinda thing...
For most families heirlooms and albums get passed down through generations, but for the Goodwin family, it’s the shipyard and the pride of building everlasting one-designs.

Discover the family business that's been 122 years in the making.

Let's end the day with a song

Some inspiration for the weekend with a cover by Boyce Avenue of Christopher Cross' 80s classic "Sailing". Have a listen...

Happy end of week everyone. Wherever you are and whatever you get up to, we hope you'll take savvy navvy with you!

Until next time...

Hannah and the savvy navvy crew.

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