Ecuador rainforest inhabitant driving an electric boat

Light trees, fishing record tips, knot skills and rainforests in the savvy news

Hey savvy friends,

It’s the time of year for a bit of cheer, so let's start off with a little game.

Holiday pop quiz

I came across this Christmas Tree offshore, what type of boat is it? Try not to look it up first, let’s test our light knowledge.

Reveal the answer here.

In Ecuador's Amazon rainforest, solar-powered boats are a boon for the trees

Since 2016, the Indigenous Achuar people have navigated a fleet of solar-powered boats along the Amazonian waters of eastern Ecuador, enabling them to sell wares at markets, carry out administrative tasks in cities, monitor for illegal loggers, ferry around wildlife-spotting tourists and study at school.

The project, set up by the Ecuadorian nonprofit Kara Solar and staffed on the ground by Achuar people, is a showcase for sustainable infrastructure development in the Amazon rainforest, an ecosystem that is quickly disappearing amid road-building and development.

Read the full story here.

Set New Fishing Records: Expert Tips and Strategies

Many of our members love fishing and with that in mind, I thought sharing tips for catching “the big one” might be a welcome read. So here are some fishing record tips from those who have been there and done it!

Read more here.

savvy navvy and ProtectedSeas lead the charge in marine conservation

You may have seen a lot of buzz last week around savvy navvy and ProtectedSeas? We recently announced a collaboration which will empower boaters with information to make more environmentally conscious decisions while out on the water.

ProtectedSeas Navigator — the first of its kind — provides boaters with 22,000 marine protected and managed areas in more than 220 countries across the world. 

This includes speed-limit zones to protect marine mammals, and fisheries management areas among other protections.

Read the full story here.

Knot of the week - The Sheet Bend Knot

Historically known as the Weaver’s knot, the sheet bend is useful when you need to join two lines of different thicknesses or structures together.

Like the bowline, the sheet bend is very easy to tie, however, it can work itself loose when not under load, so it may be advisable to put an extra turn in the smaller end, otherwise known as a double sheet bend.

Let’s practice.

Yamaha hydrogen combustion outboard brings more clean H2 to boating

It seems there’s a lot of buzz around Yamaha's new hydrogen outboard prototype which they plan to debut at the upcoming 2024 Miami International Boat Show. We’re planning to be at the show and can’t wait to have a look! 

Yamaha is known for its development of hydrogen engines for automobiles and now it seems they are expanding their hydrogen combustion program into boating. 

Could this mean a cleaner future for boaters?

See for yourself.

Meet Santa and His Savvy Dolphin Crew

Savvy team member Ivo's wife Kamelia and son Marshal sent us a Christmas treat... 🎅

They drew this amazing picture of Santa and his sleigh being pulled by dolphins and navigating with savvy navvy! Thank you so much, team! 🧭🐬

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That’s all for this week’s edition of the savvy news. Wishing you all a very happy holiday season! 

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