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Let's talk WindWings, DOBs and Laser adventures in the savvy news

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This week we’re talking about:

  • Sailing around Britain in a Laser
  • WindWing technology
  • Liveaboard couples
  • Scenic locations to learn to sail
  • Dog overboard procedures!

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Round-Britain Sailing Psychiatrist Completes Solo Challenge

A psychiatrist who has been sailing around the coast of Britain in a Laser dinghy has arrived back on the beach where he set off 19 weeks ago.

Dr Andrew Hill-Smith, who calls himself "the shrink in the drink", Hampshire, on his solo adventure on 16 April. During the 2,100-mile journey he capsized, endured storms and had to repair his 4.2m-long (14ft) boat.

Andrews is believed to be the third person to have completed such a feat of adventure!

Read the full story here.

Cargill and BAR Technologies Set Sail with WindWings

Have you heard of WindWings?

BAR Tech WindWings by Yara Marine is the latest innovation from Cargill and BAR Technologies’ in response to the global shift towards greener trade within the maritime industry.

The wing sails, up to 37.5 meters in height, have been retrofitted on Mitsubishi’s Pyxis Ocean which is on its maiden voyage.

Could this be a greener future for maritime propulsion tech?

Take a look here.

'It Feels Like I’m Constantly on Holiday' - Why We Live on a Boat

Meet Charlene and Dave Nunes, a couple in their 50’s who gave up their small apartment to live, and work, onboard their 44 ft. Hartley Fijian yacht, Offagen.

They have now lived onboard for years and love their floating home so much that they claim spending too much time on land makes them uncomfortable!

We hear many stories of people giving it all up to go boating, but here we see a couple working as well. If you’d like a little live-boarding inspiration…

Dive in here.

6 Scenic Places to Learn How to Sail

From the taverna-fringed Greek islands to the little-known bays of Thailand’s Andaman Sea, there are a whole host of dreamy locations for novice sailors to learn. The question is, where to begin? This fantastic article from National Geographic gives limitless ideas for budding future sailors.

Let’s get started.

Tips for Boating with Your Beloved Furry Friends - Know your DOB

If, like me, you love boating with your dog (or other animals) then you might agree it can be the best of times! But as the saying goes, it’s always best to plan for the unexpected.

This handy article gives tips on what to plan for when taking your dog boating, such as a DOB (dog overboard plan) as well as key things you might consider looking for when buying a dog life jacket.

Get the full details here.

Qualified Boat Instructors now Get savvy navvy for Free

This is just a reminder that we’re now offering a free savvy navvy account for qualified boating instructors in a bid to continue to promote water safety to the next generation of boaters across the globe.

If you are a boat instructor or know someone who is, please help us spread the word.

Apply here.

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