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Let's talk futurist yachts, sandbar nav and bluewater in the savvy news…

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Ever wished you could see into the future? Apparently, if you’re a futurist, you can. We kick off talking about:

👉Taking a futuristic look at 2030 boats

👉Visiting fishing hot spots and sandbars in the Florida keys 

👉Getting ready for the bluewater adventure of a lifetime!

Let’s dive in…

What Will Yachts Look Like in 2030?

“As a futurist, my job is to live in 2050 and to see tomorrow as history.” Patrick Dixon is a futurist (no I didn’t know what that was either) keynote speaker and author on predicting future trends who also happens to work remotely, afloat on his boat.

In this fascinating article, Partick discusses how the post-pandemic age has left many boat designers behind as more people look to work part of the year afloat, without giving up the rest of their lives. 

Take a look into the future here.

You Haven't Experienced Boating Until You've Been Here…

"Say we want to go into all these sand bars over here but we’re not sure how to navigate around them. All we have to do is press “plot route” and it’s as simple as that. Now let’s go catch some fish!"

Meet Clay and Stephanie Cowart from Life By The Bow. They started using savvy navvy to navigate the Florida Keys, chasing some of the best fishing in the world!

If you like videos based on Boating and Fishing with a little lifestyle stuff thrown in, check out this fun-filled channel based in the Florida Keys.

Watch here.

Dorset Paddleboarder Describes Seven Hours Lost at Sea

A man recently described a rather scary ordeal he experienced on his paddleboard after drifting four miles out to sea. Although he set off with his son in stunning weather he quickly lost sight of shore due to the strength of the currents. Upon rescue his message was simple…

"I want to tell every paddleboarder: check the weather, check the tides, and wear a buoyancy aid. This is so important."

Please be safe out there savvy friends. Remember to check the weather, tide and charts in your savvy navvy app before heading out for fun on the water.

How to Prep a Multihull for Bluewater Sailing

Does the idea of converting your multihull into a long-distance bluewater cruiser seem a bit overwhelming? What equipment should you swap out? Do you have appropriate rigging and sail wardrobes? Are you set up for heavy weather? How do you secure your cockpit and is your safety gear up to scratch?

Aaaaaand breathe. Have no fear, the answers are here.

Ian Herbert Jones Joins the Ocean Globe Race

You heard us talk about our friend Ian Herbert-Jones and his incredible story of entering the Golden Globe Race last year. An adventure that unfortunately resulted in Ian’s rescue after extreme boat damage in a storm.

Well, it seems Ian is at it again, well sort of. Ian recently hopped onboard Spirit of Helsinki where he will say goodbye to modern technology, 1973 style, and sails with a fantastic crew to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the original Whitbread Round the World Race. 

Carpe Diem - fair winds Ian!

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