ice boat exploration in antarctica with national geographic

Let’s get stuck in Arctic ice, drive sea Teslas and plant seagrass in the savvy news

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This week we’re getting stuck in Arctic ice, driving Teslas of the sea, planting beloved seagrass and so much more…

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Seeking to solve the Arctic’s biggest mystery, they ended up trapped in ice at the top of the world

In 1847, Sir John Franklin and a crew of 128 men disappeared while searching for the fabled Northwest Passage. A National Geographic team sought to find evidence of their fate—but the Arctic doesn’t give up its secrets easily.

Read their incredible story of adventure, hardship and enlightenment..

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Baltic Sea, citizen divers restore seagrass to fight climate change 🐢

Just off the coast of Kiel in northern Germany, scuba divers use hand trowels to dig up seagrass shoots (complete with roots) from a dense underwater meadow, delicately shaking off the sediment before placing them in yellow bags.

Back on land, they store the shoots in large cooling boxes, before heading out the next day to a barren area further north to replant them in circles.

They hope this tough work, part of a new project that trains local citizens to restore seagrass meadows in the Baltic Sea, can help tackle climate change.

Read the full story here.

Help Protect Seagrass Beds with savvy navvy

We’re proud to be the first navigation app on the market helping to build environmental awareness by showcasing vital seagrass data. View the location of existing seabeds and eco-moorings in your savvy app to make more informed anchor and mooring decisions.

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We’re Nominated for the 2023 British Yachting Awards!

Listed under “Equipment Innovation of the Year” our team were super excited to be nominated for this fantastic award! If you love your savvy app, we would really appreciate your vote.

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Arc Boats Takes a Page from Tesla

No exhaust fumes and pollution. No oil slicks trailing in the wake. No guzzling of pricey marine fuel at 2 kilometers-per-liter or less. There are many advantages to electric boats however they are often balanced by the down sides of reduced power or longevity. Until now.

Discover ARC Boats as they seek to do what Tesla did for land lovers but on the water.

Say hello to an iPhone-style boating experience.

Ever Considered Discovering Indonesia by Yacht?

Are you looking to supercharge your lust for boaty adventure? How about cruising a corner of the world-famous Coral Triangle of Raja Ampat which is known to dazzle ocean lovers?

Few destinations fuel tropical dreams quite like this cruising paradise, located about 20 day sails north of Triton Bay along the West Papuan coastline.

Join us in exploring the land of four kings.

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