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Learn cabin conversions, bust myths and take boat quizzes this week in the savvy news

Happy new year savvy friends,

There is a quote by Hilary Depiano that I think is rather apt for kicking off 2024.

“We all get the same 365 days, the difference is what we do with them.” With that in mind, let's get inspired for a new year of adventures and fun.

The Holiday Harbour Boat Parade Showed Off It’s Bright Lights

Just to wind everyone down from the holiday season I thought it might be nice to show off this incredible example of one of the LA Holiday Harbour Afloat parade boats lit up in style!

View the other contestants here.

Winter Project: Jazz Up Your Forward Cabin

What if you could increase the stowage and comfort of your forward cabin whilst also improving the chain capacity of your anchor locker at the same time?

These were two aspects of Peter Nielsen’s 1987 Pearson that he seriously disliked. As a result, he set about getting creative with design alterations that would enable him to accommodate twice as much chain and enjoy a much more comfortable sleeping experience. 

If you’re feeling DIY groovy, check this out.

11 Myths About Sailing Across the Atlantic

At this time of year, many boaters are considering making the journey across the Atlantic to the crystal blue waters and Vitamin D-enriching sunshine of the Caribbean. 

Should Orcas be a concern? Do you mainly sail downwind? Can you do the Caribbean on a budget? Is the sun really the best thing EVER? Like many great adventures Atlantic crossings are not immune to myths that might cloud a perception of what the journey really entails.

But what does it really take?

Check out these cool myth-busters.

Can You Name These Parts of a Sailing Boat?

New years mean new fun, so let’s start by testing our boat knowledge. Can you name all parts of this sailboat in under 2.5 minutes?

Give it a try. 

Discover the Solar Powered Boat with Unlimited Range

This is the unique creation of YouTuber Daniel Riley who designs, builds and tests out a range of what he deems, “cool stuff”.

Whilst we know sailboats can do exactly this, Daniel decided he didn’t want to be at the mercy of the wind. As a result, he opted for a solar-powered design that does not rely on batteries or fuel.

Daniel started by buying a 13 ft. Boston Whaler which he then completely restored. Is this something you would consider?

Read the full story here.

Cruising World’s Top Adventures Photos of 2023

Last year had its fair share of wanderlust-inspiring stories. Whether it’s swimming with whale sharks off St. Helena, buying boats un-seen, navigating Drake’s passage or maintaining ancient traditions, these heroes had it covered.

Take a look back at some of 2023’s epic boating moments.

Knot of the Week - The Reef Knot

Can you tie our knot of the week? Even if you’re a salty sea dog, you know what they say - practice makes perfect. If you can’t remember, don’t tie yourself up in knots about it (sorry I couldn’t help the pun).

Watch the video here.

Until next time

Thanks for joining us for some boaty news, we wish everyone a happy, watery, boat-filled 2024. When you’re out there, we hope you’ll take us with you!

All the best,

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