Fun new chart coverage, daring paddleboard challenges and rope folding in the savvy news

Fun new chart coverage, daring paddleboard challenges and rope folding in the savvy news

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Portuguese Charts Now Available

We’re delighted to kick off this week's excitement by announcing the release of Portuguese charts for all savvy members.

We don’t believe in restricting your chart access by location, that’s why our members get complete access to savvy charts, wherever we have coverage.

View stunning savvy charts™ in Portugal here.

Snow, Sunburn and Second Lunches: Read About a Danish Paddleboarder’s 870-mile Odyssey Around Denmark’s Jagged Coastline

Photo credit: Kasper Bøttern

A 28-year-old Dane is battling storms, snow, and waves in an attempt to become the first person to make his way around his home country on a SUP.

Casper “The Viking” Steinfath, a six-time SUP world champion, set off from his home beach in Klitmøller (known as Cold Hawaii) on April 2nd with nothing more than a tent, a sleeping bag, a cooking set and some meal packages.

He plans to camp inland each night and rely on the kindness of strangers to help him get through the 870-mile journey around Denmark’s jagged coastline in some of the worst weather Danes have encountered all year.

The Great Danish Paddle is expected to take between 40 and 50 days, but who knows!

Read the full story here.

Don't forget that savvy navvy now includes functionality for paddleboarders, find out more here - paddleboard gps

Best Center consoles Under 30 feet

Would you believe that one of the largest market sectors in US boating is actually for centre consoles? Astonishing huh? Here, writer Elliot Maurice takes a deep dive into his 5 best consoles under 30 feet.

Take a look.

This Electric Boat from RAND Offering Luxury and Performance

Can a combination of luxury, performance and sustainability really work? The new Spirit 25 from RAND promises just that. Could this be too good to be true?

See for yourself here.

These People Loved Their Boats So Much They Bought the Shipyards That Made Them

Photo credit: Chris Craft

Do you love your boat? If you do, how much do you love it? Would you love it enough to buy out the shipyard that makes it if they were in trouble?

Read about the owners who rescued their most beloved shipyards from ruin here.

Your Essential Guide to the World of Yacht Vacations

How is the charter industry recovering from COVID, what are the latest trends and would you ever consider renting your own boat out for charter? Whether you’re looking to hire someone else's boat or join the growing pool of people offsetting the cost of their boat by renting it out to holidaymakers, there’s plenty to learn front this handy article as the PBO team delves into the ever-changing world of holiday yacht rentals.

Read more here.

3 Ways to Fold Rope

With the transition to braided rather than spun ropes many sailors create issues for their next trip on the water due to the way they coil their sheets and halyards at the end of a day sailing.

Traditional oval coils are great for spun rope but issues are created when using this method to store modern braided rope. That’s why the team at Bottom UP Boats released this handy video to keep you from getting into a tangle.

Watch the video here.

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