Founder Talks, Folding Kayaks, Big Boat Handling and Paddle Boarding Bliss in the savvy news...

Founder Talks, Folding Kayaks, Big Boat Handling and Paddle Boarding Bliss in the savvy news...

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That spring freshness is in the air, the sun is coming out for longer and, in even more fun news - events are back in action. So don’t miss this…

British Marine Conference Innovate to Succeed image with motorboat

Join savvy navvy at British Marine’s 'Innovate to Succeed' Conference - Today

Our Founder, Jelte Liebrand, will be in Session 2C at 13:45 for the “Maximising Revenue Through Disruption" session where he will join Kate Morrison from Rooster and Ben Green from OMS to discuss how they have worked to innovate for success in the face of many changing trends within the marine industry.

Topics include:

▪️ Consumer lifestyle choices

▪️ Post-pandemic and Brexit impacts to the decarbonisation agenda

▪️ Opportunities presented by the green economy

Get the full schedule here.

Boat Handling Masterclass: How to Handle Large Yachts

two sailors standing on a sailboat whilst under way

Have you noticed that larger yachts are becoming more popular? Advances in technology mean larger boats are becoming easier to handle. Gone are the days when vast numbers of crew are required to sail anything over 30 ft. and so both private owners and charter guests are increasingly upping the size of the boat they choose.

Here, Rachael Sprot talks through her top hints and tips on handling large yachts to get the most out of your time on the water.

Read the full story here.

9 Best Foldable Kayaks That Will Fit Inside Your Small Car

Woman kayaking down a river

For those who love the great outdoors, nothing is better than spending your weekend adventuring in a kayak. But for many of us, space is a bit of an issue. Having a large kayak can not only be tricky to store at home but also difficult to take to new and exciting places to explore.

That’s why lots of outdoor adventure seekers are turning to foldable kayaks to scratch that outdoor itch without having to keep your kayak in your living room!

Check out this handy review of the 9 best foldable kayaks to consider this summer. Don't forget that savvy navvy now has canoe and kayak vessel selection, just select a different vessel in your settings - kayak navigation app

Read more about foldable kayaks.

Kayak with savvy navvy

Just like paddle boarders we’re happy to say savvy navvy now also caters for kayakers! Head into your vessel settings and switch to kayak mode or select “Record-Route” to track your journey!

Try is here.

How Young Buyers Are Changing Yacht Design as We Know It

Modern foiling motorboat

“The new generation of owners wants the ability to do more than just sit at anchor,” Sherwood says. Hence, Project Fox’s 1,200-square-foot rear deck can hold amphibious vehicles, submersibles, Jet Skis, a pair of 25-foot tenders and scuba gear; with clear decks, it becomes a sprawling social area. Fittingly, the yacht will also come equipped with a DJ booth, a wine cellar, a media sky lounge and a dedicated barbecue space.”

Could the future of yacht design be about more than just enjoying the view at anchor?

Read more here.

When It Comes to Health, Stand-up Paddle Boarding Lives Up to the Hype

Since the pandemic, many people have taken up paddle boarding and it seems that it couldn’t be better for us! Whilst you could say it is most definitely a workout, it is a low impact exercise that’s not only good for your body but good for the mind as well.

“Not only is it a great physical workout, but it also delivers a hefty hit of feel-good hormones, which are great for your mood, self-esteem, mental health and wellbeing”.

Could paddle boarding be your summer hobby this year?

Read the full review here.

We have also teamed up with YellowV Paddleboards

Go Paddle Boarding with savvy navvy

Don’t forget your savvy navvy app now has a dedicated paddle board setting that will enable you to customise the routing in the app specifically for paddling. In addition, you can “Record Your Track” so you can always find your way home! Find out more about our paddleboard navigation app.

Try savvy navvy for paddle boards here.

Calculating Your Boat’s Range

a motorboat sailing into the horizon with a fuel gauge in view

We all know it’s really important to understand the parameters of your boat’s range before departing from the dock. As this useful articles states, a good place to start is the published performance data certified boat tests.

Click here to read about managing your fuel load and understanding your boat’s range.

For all our motorboat friends out there, don’t forget you can add your engine cruising speed and fuel efficiency into the savvy app. When you do this you’ll get automatically calculated Estimated Fuel Usage requirements when plotting a route! Google Maps for Boats

Try it now.

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