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Following Darwin, luxury boat destinations, instructor fun in the savvy news

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The English word “quarantine” comes from boating terminology that dates back to the 17th century?

Quaranta giorni (forty days) in Italian, was the amount of time sailors had to stay on their ships after arriving in a harbour before they were allowed onto the mainland. This was to prevent the spread of plagues and diseases.

We’re Providing Free savvy navvy Accounts for Qualified Boating Instructors

No, there’s nothing wrong with your eyesight, you read this correctly. We’re giving savvy navvy to qualified boating instructors for free in a bid to promote water safety to the next generation of boaters across the globe.

Are you a qualified boating instructor or perhaps you know someone who is?

Visit this link.

Following Darwin’s Footsteps

A 3-masted schooner is sailing from Plymouth, taking outstanding young naturalists on a 2-year educational trip. Oh, and the really fun part - crew members are still needed!

The voyage will take in 32 ports and include thousands of people in a groundbreaking geographical project, dubbed ‘Darwin200’, which aims to inspire environmental leaders and scientists of the future. 

Read the full story.

The Best Luxury Yachting Holiday Destinations In 2023

Whether it’s the calm of the Mediterranean, the windy crystal blue water of the Caribbean or perhaps the untouched beauty of the South Pacific. Whatever scratches your travel itch, when it comes to luxury travel and memorable experiences, few things rival the joy of boating in far away lands. 

Let’s take a closer look at some top 2023 destinations.

Dive in here. 

How to Repair a Puncture in Your Rib or Tender 

Ever had an annoying air leak that you wished you could fix yourself? This article provides some handy tips for repairing and patching punctures in semi-rigid ribs and tenders. If you’re in a DIY mood, this article is for you!

Let’s get repairing.

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