Flying yachts, night kayaking and skipper courses in the savvy news

Flying yachts, night kayaking and skipper courses

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Who out there has ever seen an Orca ?

Have you ever seen an Orca whilst sailing?

Okay, next question. Have you ever seen one next to your boat, or to be more specific, in your marina?

It’s not every day an Orca comes to say hello in quite such close proximity but in Vancouver, Canada, that’s exactly what happened.

Watch the footage here.

TripAdvisor Named This Clear Kayak Tour the Best Activity in the U.S.

Have you ever tried paddling out in a clear bottomed kayak?

Apparently, people can’t stop talking about the clear kayak eco-tour through Shell Key Preserve near St. Petersburg, Florida. The tour, offered by ‘Get Up and Go Kayaking’, has received huge kudos from thousands of TripAdvisor reviewers. With options to paddle through mangrove tunnels, do shelling on the white sands of Shell Key, the ability to see a huge variety of wildlife and even opt for a ‘Nighttime Glow Tour’. It seems this new attraction is quickly becoming a staple on many people’s bucket lists.

Fancy upping your paddle game?

Take a look at this.

Become a Skipper With This Cool Online Course

We’re delighted to see ‘Above and Beyond Boating’ using savvy charts™ for their online courses!

The course features 35 lessons, put together with multiple video tutorials and questions to guide you through the journey to becoming a fantastic skipper.

What's brilliant about this course is that you can let your interests direct your own learning. The modular approach to online learning means you can keep learning in bite-sized lessons when you have time to focus on a particular skill.

The Online Skipper Course provides mentoring along the journey of your boat ownership whether you’ve done multiple Sydney Hobart Yacht Races or are just embarking on your first boating expedition. The course will teach you new techniques and skills irrespective of your experience. Participants have the ability to ask questions throughout the course, and the implementation questions at the end of each module ensure your learning is immediately put into practice.

The course takes around 7 hours in total and is structured so you can review the material as fast or slow as you feel comfortable.

Click here to find out more.

Buying a High-Latitudes Second-Hand Yacht

Many of us love to sail in sunny tropical climates. But increasingly boaters are looking to colder climates to scratch that adventure itch.

With cold water sailing growing in popularity editor Will Burton decided to catch up with Merf Owen, of Owen Clarke Yacht Design, who has designed many high latitudes yachts for cruising, while his wife Ashley Perrin is a professional ice pilot, formerly working for the British Antarctic Survey.

One thing is clear, choosing a yacht to sail in some of the coldest and most inhospitable places on earth is definitely more complicated than your average second-hand yacht purchase. If you’re thinking of buying a second-hand boat for cold explorations, this is a must-read.

Click here for more.

Saving Fuel When Under Engine for Greater Efficiency

Did you know that slower isn’t necessarily more efficient when it comes to motoring? Christopher Smith explains why…

Saving fuel - Top Tips

Sessa C42 Used Boat Review: High-speed Cruising in Considerable Style

Looking for a great second-hand motorboat? Phil Sampson explains how to pick out a top quality Sessa C42 on the secondhand market and what features to look for…

Sessa C42 Review by MBY

Say Hello to the 60-Metre Superyacht That Comes Attached to a 200-Metre Airship

Yes. You heard us right. Is it a bird, a plane or a boat or none of the above?!! Who knows…

This is the concept that has formed between designer Franck Darnet and AirYacht as they attempt to reinvent the way we travel in the air and on the sea. This concept would see owners enjoying the ability to fly and cruise the world by combining a luxury yacht with the ability to be attached to a detachable air balloon that can fly up to 50 knots.

This design is said to be ten to fifty times less polluting than an equivalent yacht of her size.

Whether you think this is impressive or impressively crazy, it’s definitely worth a look!

Read more here.

Thank you for joining us for this edition of the savvy news. We hope we've entertained and inspired you to get out there and do what you do best - enjoy spending time on the water! If you want more why not watch some sailing videos that we like!

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