Flying dinghies, foraging SpaceX water crafts & record breakers in the savvy news

Flying dinghies, foraging SpaceX water crafts & record breakers in the savvy news

Hey savvy friends,

I’m going to start this week in flying form, literally...

Photographer Flies Homemade Boat over the Solomon Islands to Raise Money for Charity

37-year-old Ben Neal flew his dinghy, yes flew, all in an effort to obtain photographs of unexplored areas of the Solomon Islands.

Ben shipped 8,000 pieces of the light aircraft from the US and worked for two months to put everything together, despite having no prior experience building aircraft! Ben used the photos and the footage for Gallery Earth, a charity that sells photographs to raise funds for NGOs.

Could you strap some wings on your dinghy and set off up to 10,000 feet? I’m not sure I could!

Take a look at the video here.

Thinking of Buying a Yacht? Ever Considered Hassle-Free Shared Ownership Schemes?

In an increasingly busy world, many people are considering alternative options for scratching that sailing itch, without the hassle. Shared ownership schemes have seen significant growth over the last two years. This trend is not just for people who don’t want to pay for a brand new boat but also for those who might have previously owned their own yacht but have decided to go for an option that gives them all the fun without the maintenance headache.

In this article, Will Burton explores the various options for shared ownership schemes and why this growing trend is looking hot for the future.

Read more here.

A Foraging and Campfire Cooking Adventure by Kayak

Have you considered exploring Sweden's wild isles?

Join culinary chef and tutor, Helena alongside kayak guide, Thomas, on this Swedish kayak and foraging adventure.

Discover a different way to enjoy the Saint Anna archipelago.

Have you Heard of ReSail?

savvy navvy is proud to partner with the Clean Sailors ReSail initiative which works to encourage better, cleaner standards across marinas, ports and harbours, globally.

ReSail is a brand new initiative created by Clean Sailors to prolong the life of sailing materials and resources.

The platform allows sailors to search for and find local drop-off points and gives them the opportunity to up-cycle a range of products such as sails, bags and sheets so that once their time on the water has come to an end, they can help give them a new life and purpose.

Find out more here.

Could the Reduction of Motorboat Noise Help Breeding of Coral Reef Fishes?

A new study has reported that the breeding of coral reef fish is more successful if motorboat noise is kept to a minimum. Researchers experimented by implementing ‘traffic calming’ on three reefs over the course of a breeding season by reducing the number of boats inside a 100 m radius and decreasing the speed of those within that distance.

They discovered that 65% of nests on quieter reefs still consisted of offspring at the end of the season, compared to 40% on reefs with busy motorboat traffic.

Read the full review here.

Kenichi Horie 83, Becomes the Oldest Person to Sail Solo Non-Stop Across the Pacific

Okay I know I already gave a shout-out to Kenichi before he set off on this challenge but now that he’s completed his Pacific crossing and broken a record I figured this news story deserved an update!

“After more than two months at sea, the record-breaking octogenarian, who in 1962 also became the first person to successfully take on the feat, arrived in the waters off the Kii peninsula in western Japan at 2.39 am local time.

Having crossed the world’s largest body of water, he had an inspiring message for the world. “Don’t let your dreams just stay as dreams”.

Kenichi Horie is now the oldest person to complete the solo non-stop across the Pacific challenge. Well done Kenichi!

Get the full story in the Guardian here.

Say Hello to the Most Powerful Electric Watercraft Commercially Available - from SpaceX Engineers

Arc One is an electric wakesport boat with a 500 hp electric motor and 220 kWh battery capacity developed by former SpaceX engineers from silicon valley.

And it’s now on sale.

In 2021, the company added the investment enterprises of Sean “Diddy” Combs, actor Will Smith and basketball star Kevin Durant to their stable of backers.

Could this be the future of electric boating fun?

See for yourself.

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Thank you for joining us for this week's edition of the savvy news! I hope we inspired you with water-based fun and adventure to kick off your week and supercharge your weekend planning.

We hope you’re all getting out on the water as much as possible, and when you do, we hope savvy navvy’s taking care of you!

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