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Explore watery cricket, Uber boats and Orca fads this week in the savvy news

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This week we’re talking about:

  • Watery cricket matches
  • Orca fads
  • Inaccurate weather forecasts
  • Uber boats and much, much more

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Watch the World’s Oddest Cricket Match - at Sea

You could argue this is the world’s most bizarre match which is played in the middle of the sea. For this cricket match it’s not a case of rain-stopping play, more accurately it’s when the tide comes in!

The game happens during the year’s lowest spring tide, usually in late summer when two sides take to a sandbar. Believed to have started in the 1950s, this quirkiest of cricket matches sees local yacht clubs play against each other until play is stopped by waves. How fun!

Read the full story here. 

Do Orca’s have cultural “fads”?

A peculiar trend has swept the waters near the Iberian Peninsula since the spring of 2020. Within the region Orca populations have begun to interact aggressively with vessels, pushing some off course, causing others to spin in their wake or inflicting damage.

Researchers have hypothesised that these incidents could be due to previous traumatic experiences involving a vessel or in fact that it could be a part of an Orca “Fad”. This might not be as crazy as it sounds, apparently back in 1987 the Southern Resident orcas in Washington's Puget Sound began wearing dead salmon on their noses, a behaviour that spread through the population before disappearing a few months later.

Sound too crazy to be true?

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Have you Been Uber Boating? 

Did you know you can now book boats through Uber? Okay, only in certain places - like Mykonos. But seriously, how cool is that? The service will carry groups of up to eight passengers between 25 sites on the island this summer.

Let’s hope this idea takes off!

Get the full scoop here.

Why Weather Forecasts are Often Not Accurate

Understanding forecast models and their limitations can make you a safer boater. It’s important to understand how weather models are designed, how they work, and how they don’t.

In this article by Sail Magazine, the advice is simple. Don’t get caught in the “precision trap.” Computer model forecasts are very precise, but they can be precisely wrong. That’s why largely boaters use computer model forecasts in conjunction with forecasts from their local meteorological office or a private forecasting service.

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Unforgettable Boat Trips That Aren’t Your Average Cruise

Maybe the idea of a traditional cruise ship is not your thing or you’ve just been there and done it before. If you’re ready to try something different – be it more luxurious, more adventurous or more off-the-beaten-track. Whatever floats your boat (sorry pun intended), then this article is sure to get your wanderlust ignited!

Eco sail a Bora Bora lagoon, explore the Philippines on a paraw, cruise the Kerala backwaters and more. 

Let’s adventure…

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