Ian herbert jones in the golden globe race

Cool whale stories, funky electric foiling powerboats, award nominations and super big boat refits. But first…

Hey savvy friends,

This week’s savvy news is packed with cool whale stories, funky electric foiling powerboats, award nominations and super big boat refits. But first…

We’re going to kick off by giving a quick shout-out to our good friend Ian who’s had a tough week out on the big blue…

Ian Herbert Jones rescued and safely onboard Taiwan flagged F/V Zi Da Wang

We're relieved to hear that Ian Herbert-Jones has been successfully rescued (after his boat was rolled and dismasted during a storm) and he is now bound for Cape Town. Having used savvy navvy in the early days of his campaign to cross-check traditional navigation with electronic nav, it’s safe to say we have become a great fan of this adventure sailor.

We wish him a safe onward journey and a speedy recovery. It is forever humbling to see the seamanship that goes into rescuing those in need at sea, an incredible job by those onboard F/V Zi Da Wang.

Read the full story here.

Whale approaches boat captain in Mexico to have lice on its body removed

We’ve all heard of dog grooming but have you heard of whale grooming?

That’s what 20-year whale-watching captain Mr Franco does over in Mexico’s Ojo de Liebre Lagoon. Apparently the whale approached Mr Franco’s motorboat where he removes Lice, a common parasite that lives on the body surface of marine mammals.

Sound crazy? You’ve got to see it to believe it.

Watch the video here.

British Marine Awards - do we get your vote?

We have an increasingly big savvy family. Between us we’re doers, thinkers, sea lovers and wander seekers. So I thought it would be remiss of me not to let you know about the up-and-coming British Marine awards.

There are three categories and it would be amazing for savvy navvy to win the “Business of the Year Award”!

Would you be happy to help?

It takes just 30 seconds to vote here.

Thank you in advance for taking the time. 🙏

Is Thunderbird the ultimate classic motor yacht?

Who would build a boat based on a DC-2 aircraft? Non-other than George Whittell, an eccentric San Francisco tycoon who built a beautiful lakeside home called Thunderbird Lodge; kept a pet lion called Bill and a pet elephant called Mango; owned a variety of aircraft including a DC-2, outfitted for his private use; six of the rarest Duesenberg motorcars; a 145ft superyacht and this legendary 55ft sports yacht, Thunderbird.

So with all of its eccentricities, does this unique vessel make the cut as the ultimate classic motor yacht of all time?

You decide…

Inside the refit of 88m yachting icon Maltese Falcon

Have you ever been overwhelmed by the work involved on your boat? Well, perhaps reading about the refit of the Maltese Falcon, the world's 6th largest sailing yacht, will make your task list feel a little less daunting!

In this fascinating article, Katia Damborsky hops onboard just before this 88 m beauty sets sail following a full-scale refit. 

Read the full story here. 

Could this hydrogen-powered America’s Cup chase cat change the future of boating?

Emirates Team New Zealand launched a foiling-power catamaran last year that some are saying could change how we look at boating. 

“We realised our chase boats were years behind our foiling race boats,” says Nick Burridge, ETNZ’s operations and reliability manager.

Not to sound like Howard Hughes here but could hydrogen-fuel-cell-stacks be ‘the way of the future?’.

Take a look here.

Fair winds...until next time

I hope you're having a fantastic week. It's Thursday, so now is the perfect time to start planning that weekend trip on the great big blue. Have fun, and please, take us with you. 

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