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Build a boat fridge, used boat tips, knot practice and sandwich islands in the savvy news

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Tips for Boating in Rough Seas

We’ve all been there. You’re having a lovely day on the water and before long you find conditions change and it becomes choppy, uncomfortable and quite frankly unnerving. 

This is why we recommend using your savvy app to check the weather forecast before heading out. You can even use the departure schedule feature to view how your departure time will affect your tip. However even with prudent planning, sometimes adverse weather happens, when it does it’s essential to know how to handle it.

This handy article gives tips on how to adjust the angle of your boat for a smoother ride and greater safety.

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How to Make a Boat Fridge

Looking for an affordable way to build a handy fridge on your boat? Follow Keith Clanton’s step-by-step guide to convert an under-seat locker into a bespoke fridge for under £450.

Let’s take a look.

Explore the Remote South Sandwich Islands

Follow the memorable expedition of Skip Novak as he sails to Zavodovski one of the most remote South Sandwich Islands. Skip’s story involved rocky climbs, iceberg cemeteries, macaroni penguins and plummeting temperatures.

Get the full story here.

Practice Your Knot of the Week - The Slip Knot

They say practice makes perfect. So I thought it would be fun to introduce a knot of the week to our bi-weekly updates. Can you tie a slip knot?

This “stopper” knot is extremely useful as it can be fastened in an instant and released with a simple pull of the tail end of the rope. This can be very handy for tying the mainsail to the boom or a foresail to the stanchions on the deck. Then when you’re ready to hoist the slip knot can be quickly undone.

Learn how to tie it here.

Buying a Used Boat? Here’s Some Essential Things to Check

Whilst you know how well you care for your own boat, the same standard cannot be guaranteed for others. So when looking at purchasing a used boat it’s important to know what to look for to ensure the boat and its engine is in good condition.  

Here are some handy mechanical and electrical factors to review before buying a second-hand boat - and how to check them (maintenance, logbook, invoices and so on). 

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Your Guide to Offshore Navigation 

Meet Jimmy Cornell, an avid boat lover who started preparing for a world voyage with his wife and two kids back in the 1970s. The first step in his preparation was to join a course on offshore navigation, the rest as they say is history, Jimmy loved it! This preparation would lead to a six-year-long round-the-world voyage.

Learn how Jimmy did it here.

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