Bioluminescent dolphins, speed records and eco boat tech in the savvy news

Bioluminescent dolphins, speed records and eco boat tech in the savvy news

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What’s the bluest blue you have ever seen?

If you think you’ve seen it all then perhaps it’s worth checking out this week's feature on bioluminescent dolphins! But first, let’s kick off with some cool boaty innovations…

Zero fossil-fuel Yacht Enters Next Phase of Construction

The world got a glimpse of what is becoming known as ‘Project Zero’ being delivered to a shed in the Netherlands where it will undergo an 18-month outfitting project ahead of delivery.

Project Zero is a 69-metre ketch-rigged sailing yacht that will operate completely free of fossil fuels whilst also harvesting wind, thermal and solar energy to power the yacht and its amenities. The technology behind the build will be available in the public domain and the yacht's exterior look will not be compromised by energy-harvesting solutions, according to Hoekstra.

Could this be the future of sustainable yachting?

Read the full story here.

Bioluminescent Dolphins Seen in Laguna Beach

Laguna Beach has been treated to the stunning effects of a bioluminescence phenomenon lighting up the ocean along the coast at night.

Some spectators spotted common dolphins taking advantage of glowing fish and as a result, the dolphins lit up in the most jaw-dropping display of blue!

The algae blooms (created by a dinoflagellate) look reddish during the day but glow at night when the water is agitated, creating this stunning display. Sound too cool to be true?

Watch videos here.

Princeton Team Sets New Electric Boat Speed Record

Princeton University's Electric Speedboat team says it has broken the world speed record for electric boats. An average speed of 114 miles per hour (183 kph) was achieved on Lake Townsend in North Carolina. The previous record of 88.61 mph (143 kph) was set by a Jaguar Vector racing boat in 2018.

The achievement involved 30 students and graduates from Princeton University working on the electric speedboat to optimise output in an attempt to break the record. 

Get the full details here.

7 Essential Boat Winterisation Tips

When we say winterisation we don’t always mean frosty steering wheels, for those of us in more temperate climates it may mean working on keeping your boat tidy and dry. So whether you’re fighting the damp or the frost it’s a good idea to know where to start to keep your boat in good condition. 

Let’s avoid any unpleasant surprises after a long few months of boat hibernation with blogger David Procter’s handy tips!

Get the checklist here.

Sponsoring the Seagrass Symposium 🌱

We're excited to sponsor the 2023 Seagrass Symposium. This two-day event brings together practitioners, scientists and communities to highlight seagrass conservation successes, discuss challenges and share knowledge and experiences on seagrass science, policies and management.

Here at savvy navvy we're working to surface vital conservation data within our app to help boaters make more informed choices to help the environment when out on the water.

Find out more about this fantastic event here.

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