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Boating blunders in Gloucester canal become entertainment on Instagram

Take a virtual trip with us to Gloucester, we’re sitting with John Stevens and he’s doing what he does most weekends, sitting in a chair next to the drawbridge that crosses the narrow canal behind his house, a beer in one hand and his cell phone in the other. He’s ready to film bad boating, and he rarely has to wait long.

boating blunders for your entertainment

Boating blunders in this Gloucester canal have become a popular source of entertainment over on Instagram, if you’re in need of a chuckle, take a look here.

We had a chat about our favourite Boat Ramp Fails and put. few together for you - boat ramp fail videos

Episode 2 of our Podcast, "The Boating Life" is now available on Spotify

The Boating Life Podcast - Episode2

Find out how Lauren and Adam are adjusting to life as full-time cruisers and how they got their boat dog Freddy to finally go for a wee onboard! 🐾

We also hear from special guest Ben Roth, the CEO of Pro Marine Store Ltd.

Listen here!

We all love floaty toys, but be careful…

Inflatable rescue in Broadstairs, Kent by the RNLI

Lifeguards in Kent have reissued a warning on the use of inflatables in the sea after another incident occurred in Broadstairs this week.

Sam Woodard, Lead Lifeguard Supervisor, says: ‘It’s great to see so many people enjoying the beaches this year but it is important to remember that inflatables are not suitable for use at the beach. They can be very easily swept out to sea in the wind or tide and people can often be in danger before they know it. We ask that people leave their inflatable toys at home and use those at the pool instead.’

The RNLI advises that if you are in trouble in the water and have an inflatable, stay with the inflatable hold onto it and call for help.

Click here for RNLI beach safety advice can be found here.

Click here to find a lifeguarded beach.

The Super Fast, Very Fun Olympics Sailing Event You Should Be Watching

Olympic Class Sailing

Sailing usually gets a bad rep when it comes to televised events. Unless it’s blowing a gale or there’s a big accident it’s usually hard to tell just how awesome the event is and/or how fast the boats are going. But this year the 49ers are making it look awesome!

Check out the women’s 49er FX competition where two-person crews perform near-acrobatic feats on literal trapezes to zoom around a racecourse, almost like wind-powered NASCAR. Their boats look less like boats and more like 16-foot paper aeroplanes with sails on top, cutting through the water. The 49ers are built purely for speed, so much so that they’re not even fully stable while stationary.

So if you fancy watching some sailing this Olympics we think this event is a must!

Sailing Pellew, the biggest Falmouth pilot cutter in 150 years

Sailing Pellew, the biggest Falmouth pilot cutter in 150 years

In their day, Falmouth pilot cutters were larger and faster than their rival boats of the Scilly fleet; they evolved into cracking coastal workboats. Tough enough to look after crews as they bludgeoned into heavy ocean swells yet easily driven in light airs; and able to race to windward to meet inbound ships whilst being manageable short-handed by just two crew.

Meet Pellew, the largest Falmouth pilot cutter launched in Britain for more than 150 years.

Ever considered sailing on a Windjammer?

Windjammer Sailing

Say hello to Angelique, the magnificent windjammer that was purpose built in 1980 to carry passengers on overnight pleasure excursions that offer something a little different from your average sailing vacation.

“The highlight of every trip is the lobster bake, either on a secluded beach or a “steel island” (onboard) lobster bake if the landside options are scarce. Our lobster bake was at a small public beach on Burnt Island, near North Haven.

The lobsters, which have been carted along, alternately in a cooler rigged with a hose to circulate through fresh seawater, or in a box lowered into the sea itself when the Angelique is at anchor, are actually steamed. The crew builds a fire and places an iron tub filled with seawater on top which is brought to a boil, and the lobsters are tossed in and covered with sea kelp. When they’re at their bright red finality, they're poured atop the bed of sea kelp, right on the beach, and diners can help themselves."

Discover the beauty of the Windjammer experience .

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