All-New Fish-Flow Routing with intelligent AI and cool adventures in the savvy news...

All-New Fish-Flow Routing with intelligent AI and cool adventures in the savvy news...

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All-New Fish-Flow Routing Now Available

Don't get caught out...

We're pleased to announce our all-new, first-ever, Fish-Flow Routing algorithm! 🐠 🐠 🐠

What does this mean for you?
The effect of fish movement on the flow of the ocean is a well-known phenomenon, in general boaters can't easily counteract this drift when planning their course as it's almost impossible to predict the movement pattern of fish - until now.

savvy navvy has developed some impressively intelligent AI that enables us to accurately predict fish movement in the ocean.

This model allows us to calculate the required Course To Steer in order to give you the most accurate route possible.

April Fools 2022!!

83-year-old Man Sets Sail on a Solo Voyage from San Francisco to Japan

80 year old solo sailor standing on the bow of his boat

Have you ever sailed solo?

Next question - would you sail solo across the pacific in your eighties?

Well, that’s what renowned 83-year-old Japanese yachtsman Kenichi Horie, has set out to do in a journey alone across the pacific ocean to Japan.

Thought to be the third person to ever sail across the Pacific solo, Kenichi Horie set sail on Saturday in his 19-foot yacht.

“I never imagined myself being here at 83 years old, but I'm happy that I am,” Horie said in an interview at the San Francisco Yacht Club. “My goal was to cross the Pacific at 100 years old, but I’m not sure my heart will be beating then. I want to do it now — I have to do it now.”

Apparently, Kenichi actually wanted to make the trip at the age of 100! If you need some inspiration to kick off your day…

Read the full story here.

Best Kayaking Spots in the World

Kayak sitting on top of an old truck

Looking for some adventure inspiration for your next holiday?

Nothing quite beats exploring by kayak, the silence, the ability to access otherwise inaccessible locations and leave nature completely undisturbed are just some of the reasons this outdoor activity is becoming more and more popular.

Here, kayaking experts talk us through their top sea kayaking destinations around the globe from the Sea of Cortez to Vancouver Island in Canada, Ecuador, France and Cuba, this list is sure to set your wanderlust alight.

Get the list here.

The Best Trailer Sailboats - Expert Recommendations

Trailer sailboat wit brightly coloured spinnaker

Trailer sailboats are incredibly convenient. You can keep them out of the water to avoid wear and tear, use a boat ramp to pop them in the water for some coastal sailing whenever you want and even drive the boat to different locations from time to time to explore new waters.

So, if you’re considering buying a trailer sailboat yourself where should you start, what’s hot on the market and what’s a good idea to consider?

Sailing expert Colin Haines explains it all here.

Check Boat Ramps with savvy navvy

If you have a trailer sailboat or even a jet ski, RIB or dinghy, it’s always useful to see where your nearest boat ramp is. That’s why savvy navvy now has a handy icon to show you where they are.

Take a look in the app.

Sleep Easy with Savvy Navvy’s Anchor Alarm

Anchor alarm app shown over an anchorage

Tired of sleepless nights worrying whether your anchor has dragged?

Try the savvy anchor alarm! This cool feature lets you set the location of your anchor and assign a 'safe zone'. If you drift outside your designated area savvy navvy will set off an alarm to alert you.

Try it now in the savvy app.

New Electric Boat Just Levitated Boating to a New Level, While Ending Fuel Leaks

Foiling motorboat

Could this be the new look of recreational boating?

Imagine a day out boating with no slamming, no harmful wake, no pollution, minimal maintenance, no noise, and no more expensive trips to the fuel dock. Sound too good to be true?

Take a look here.

Sistership of Pelagic 77 expedition yacht to be built

77 Vinson of Antarctica exploration ship

Construction has started on a near-identical sistership of the Pelagic 77 Vinson of Antarctica, which is widely considered to be one of the most extreme expedition yachts of all time.

The 77 ft. Vinson of Antarctica was created in collaboration with legendary adventurer and expedition sailor Skip Novak. The sistership has been commissioned by the same owner, who plans to operate a two-boat programme spanning high latitudes in both the north and south hemispheres.

Read the full story here.

What are the Best Personal Locator Beacons and AIS Units on the Market?

man overboard with safety vest and PLB

Thanks to PLB’s and AIS units rescue operations at sea are becoming much easier to execute and most importantly, more successful. But what are the best options on the market and what are the differences between them?

This article explains it all.

We hope you enjoyed this edition of the savvy news and that you'll manage to get out and enjoy some time on the water this weekend. If you do, we hope you'll take us with you!

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