A savvy newsletter just dropped...Be like bond...

A savvy newsletter just dropped...Be like bond...

Hey savvy friends,

Hands up if you’ve gotten out on the water yet this week?

If you’ve managed it we’re sending kudos. And to those who haven’t, don’t worry it’s only the beginning of the week, so there’s still time!

Until then, let’s scratch that itch with some handy stories and tips!

Relaunching your boat after winter?

Winters come and go. As spring starts to show its rays of light we itch for our flip-flops and sunglasses, but before we jump headlong into boat mode it’s important to remember how long our boat has been sitting throughout winter and to make sure it’s safely ready to rock when we are.

With that in mind these 8 checklist items could help prevent untimely breakdowns and are a must-read for anyone looking to blow off the winter cobwebs. 

Read more here.

Embrace Your Inner James Bond

Onboard this J Craft Powerboat in Monaco…

If you ever wanted to be James Bond then it’s possible the 42-foot-long J Craft Torpedo would make you feel just like him! That’s what this Forbes editor did when he gave the Torpedo full throttle, carving turns through one of the most famous Monaco anchorages in the world.

Should this exceptional powerboat be in a Bond movie or at the end of your dock?

You decide >

Are you considering upsizing your boat?

Buying a bigger boat isn’t always easy but the rewards can be well worth any hassle. In this handy recount, Matt Dale reveals his truth about upsizing in an article that’s well worth a read for anyone considering taking the leap!

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How to plan a sailing holiday in the Greek islands

If you’re looking for gentle morning breezes that gradually build into the afternoon, for uncomplicated navigation and exciting new destinations within a two-hour reach then Meganisi, an island in Greece, could be what you’re looking for.

Explore here.

5 tips to keep up crew morale

In 2016 Conrad Humphreys's leadership skills were put to an extreme test when he was appointed the role of sailing master for Channel 4’s, Mutiny. A TV series about the recreation of the 4,000 nm voyage from Tonga to Timor in a 23 ft open boat, previously undertaken by Captain Bligh and a crew of 18 sailors. During this voyage, the crew lost around 25% of their body weight and maintaining morale was extremely difficult.

In this article Conrad shares his top tips for keeping spirits high so that you and your crew are ready, should adversity strike.

Read more here. 

Maiden enters round the world race once more…

An all-female crew will again race yacht Maiden around the world. 🌎

A currently unnamed female skipper and crew will take part in the 2023 Ocean Globe Race, more than 30 years after Tracy Edwards and her crew did the 1989/90 Whitebread Round the World Race. Maiden will form part of the ‘flyer class’ in the race which aims to recreate the Corinthian spirit of the early Whitbread round-the-world races.

This is super exciting!

Get the full story here.

Bon voyage - until next time…

Thank you for joining us for this week's edition of the savvy news. I hope we helped scratch that boating itch and that you’re enjoying plenty of time on the big blue. 🌊

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