A looong paddle, remote control boats and Swedish explorations in the savvy news

A looong paddle, remote control boats and Swedish explorations in the savvy news

Hello friends,

How's it going? I know we're all spread out over the globe but I have seen that many of us are experiencing soaring temperatures!

I hope you're all managing to get some time off to go out there an enjoy some time on the water...

We've got some crazy stuff in the news this week and a cool new article to celebrate the release of Swedish charts for all our members, I hope you enjoy the buzz!

It’s a loooooong paddle…

I mean really long. Brendon Prince will be undertaking the official world record attempt to circumnavigate mainland Britain by Stand Up Paddle Board. By being the first to ever complete this challenge, Brendon will complete the world record for longest ever journey by SUP. The attempt will also raise money for seven different charities.

This is an awe-inspiring record attempt, we spoke to him in one of our podcast (the Long Paddle), but you can see his website take a look here.

savvy navvy has also released a Paddle Board vessel type within its app, giving paddleboarders all the weather, tide and chart data they need to plan a successful day on the water, but more importantly share those adventures on social media find out more - savvy navvy paddleboard navigation app

Boat clubs reach full capacity as summer gets into full swing

Boats clubs are a great way to get out on the water

It seems the boating industry is working at full speed to keep up with rocketing demand as summer weather takes hold and more people look to head out on the water. Many boat clubs are now at full capacity, this short video clip shows Freedom Boat Club in Austin where they were fully booked for the holiday weekend with a waiting list of over 100 people!

Watch the full story here.

Meet the ‘Megasailer

Vento - 328ft Mega Yacht

Could the 328 ft, Vento, be this next eco-friendly cruiser?

Hate it or love it you’ve got to admit, it’s likely to turn heads! This interesting new concept by Carlo Nuvolari and Dan Lenard was recently unveiled at the Venice Boat Show. The wing sail (similar to that of America’s Cup boats) reportedly offers far greater efficiency than a traditional rig. What do you think?

Get the details here.

Remote Control Sailing In Newport

RC Yacht Racing

Remote control yachting might be something you remember doing as a kid, perhaps with your grandpa or your Dad. But what you might not know is that it’s taking off again, big time! When the pandemic started many people turned to remote control yachting to scratch that sailing itch. The funny thing is we’re over a year on, with lockdowns increasingly easing, and the hobby seems to be going from strength to strength.

Fancy rekindling your love for thumb yachting? Take a look here.

Meet the US sailing team bound for Tokyo

US Sailing Team for Tokyo

US Sailing has confirmed the names of the 13 sailors who will represent the United States at the Olympic Games this coming July and August near Tokyo, Japan.

Olympic athletes dedicate their entire lives to their craft, years of sore muscles, strict diets, living, eating and breathing your sailing career, all for the honour of representing your country and winning that elusive gold medal.

Training is usually relentless but when you throw a pandemic year into the mix, dedication has to go to a whole new level.

Meet the athletes.

Do you need to brush up on your engine checks?

RNLI Engine Checks

One of the goals of the savvy navvy app is to get more people enjoying time out on the water. For novices, there are lots of unknowns when it comes to boat maintenance but the fantastic work done by the RNLI helps people to gain confidence and stay safe.

They even offer a free engine-check checklist on their website. Get engine check savvy, visit their website here.

Explore Sweden by Boat with savvy navvy

explore sweden by boat with savvy navvy

Have you ever thought of sailing in Sweden? If not I dare say you’re not alone as our default often goes to the Med, Caribbean or other sunny climates, but lets not underestimate some of the less crowded gemstones within our sailing reach.

To quote Visit Sweden, "Why do you almost never meet sailor Swedes in the Mediterranean in the summertime? Because they are all in Sweden having the sailing time of their lives." Read more here.

Thanks for catching up with us everyone. I hope you're all managing to make the most of what's left of spring and if you're heading out on the water I hope you'll take savvy navvy along for the ride - paddle board weather app

Until next time,

Hannah and the savvy navvy crew.

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